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Sometimes All You Need Is a Childhood Friend and a Thirst For Adventure

Dynamic duos, two peas in a pod - there are a lot of connotations connected to twosomes.  When you find a like-minded partner with a skill set that compliments your own it can be the catalyst for a successful business. We are Stacey Luppino and Kathryn Wowk, friends since grammar school. We grew up playing kick-the-can, red light, green light 1-2-3, playing Elton John albums and we even attended our first concert together.  Fast forward to 2019 and we are traveling the world while building a new division of Vero Beach Travel, LLC that caters to solo travelers, customized itineraries and wellness travel. Never before has there been a better way to travel solo but never alone and make your next vacation a handcrafted trip of a lifetime. Traveling Solo is good for your soul.

Stacey Luppino Biography

I was born and raised in New Jersey and am extremely close to my family. I met my husband in 1993 and we've been married for over 25 years. While growing up, my mother instilled a love for animals in me, which continues today with my own crazy pets!  I combine my love of nature with my passion for travel and am always ready for my next trip!

I was bitten by the “travel bug” at a very young age when my parents used to drive us from New Jersey to Florida and back again. I loved making stops along the way to learn about cultures, seeing the beautiful, changing landscapes, staying in different states and visiting unique and new places. As I grew up, nothing changed. My passion for travel was still there. I am grateful for the experiences, whether it was climbing the stairs to the Cupola in the Vatican, tubing at low tide in Costa Rica, or swimming with the sharks in Bora Bora it was my dream to share my passion and knowledge with other people, so I decided to become a Travel Advisor. I learned the business by working at other agencies, but I wasn’t satisfied and it wasn’t enough for me. Not being afraid of hard work and wanting nothing but the best for my clients, I  became a Certified Travel Advisor and in 2014, I opened my own agency, Vero Beach Travel!

I will help you plan your ideal vacation, whether it’s just for you, your whole family or a group. Your vacation will be handcrafted to your desires; whether it’s to delight in a cruise down the romantic Rhine or exploring a magnificent castle; romantic seclusion in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, eating pastries and listening to an Opera in Vienna,  your elevated, customized vacation will always be remembered. 


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